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Thai Massage Parlor Video

I actually live in Thailand and have had many Thai massages both in our village and in several Thai cities, so I think that I am qualified to talk about Thai massage, if not the Thai massage parlor video aspect of that institution. The Thai massage parlor video has acquired a pornographic overtone, which many Thais have sought to exploit, but in reality, Thais take the massage that is ascribed to their country very seriously - few normal Thais would talk about a pornographic Thai massage parlor video.

Thai Massage Parlor Video

So, having got the concept of the pornographic Thai massage parlor video out of the way, we can talk about the very real and ancient art of Thai massage. In Thailand, there are generally three types of massage available at a massage salon: Thai massage, oil massage and foot massage.

Foot massage is otherwise known as reflexology and works on the principal or belief that there is a part of the foot that is connected to every internal organ. This means that if the reflexologist massages behind the big toe (for example), it as good as massaging the, say, heart. Reflexology is widely available in the cities of Thailand.

Oil massage is basically a very gentle full body massage using oil and is the massage that gives rise to the pornographic thai massage parlor video. The oil massage is better known in Europe and America as the classic or Swedish massage and was probably introduced into Thailand to service the American troops on R&R from Vietnam in the Seventies.

In Thailand, most people understand what you want if you ask for an oil massage. It is one with a so-called happy ending. There is no doubt about the fact that an oil or Swedish massage is very relaxing, but do not choose that option if you have structural problems, because they can make it worse.

I slipped a disk recently and my Thai wife took me for a massage - that is standard thinking in Thailand, but the only girl available was an oil masseuse and she actually caused me more harm than good.

The top level of massage for me is the traditional Thai massage - it is pure physiotherapy. A neighbour recommended a Thai masseuse who teaches nearby. It took ten days to get get an appointment, but she came to my house because I could not walk.

I had a herniated disk that was trapping my sciatic nerve. I had not been able to sleep well or leave the house for two weeks.

After two hours of pure physical torture, she had me walking. When she left, i slept for ten hours straight and I ached like hell the next day, but I was walking again for a few minutes at a time. She said that it would take five two-hour sessions with ten days between each and she was spot on.

Within two months, I went from house-bound to walking half a mile and I felt great. A side-effect that not everyone gets from these very vigorous massages is that it can break up fat in your body.

I was lucky and fell into this category, I lost 29 pounds (13kg) within two months and I think that the money that I spent on the massages was worth paying for the weight loss alone, leave alone getting the ability to walk again!

So next time you hear about a Thai massage parlor video, remember what I said and give the Thais some credit for an institution that they are very proud of.

by +Owen Jones